What is EZ-Swag?

EZ-Swag is the first of its kind to enable you to add some SWAG to what has been the most “out of place” looking electronic tolling device that has become a part of your vehicle.

Those that have an EZ Pass device know exactly what we are taking about.

    “It’s About Time”

EZ-Swag has created and patented this new product that is going to bring NEW LIFE and STYLE to your EZ Pass device. This product has been made with a Premium Quality 3M Lightweight material which is the same material that is used for vehicle wrapping. 

EZ-Swag will apply directly to the surface of your EZ Pass device and has been designed to completely wrap around your device giving you the pleasure to display the look you want. 

You can now “Live Your Style” and choose the designs of your liking by using our customizer to fully detail your device. You can change the design at any time by simply removing the old skin and replacing it with a new one. The skin material will NOT leave any mess or residue on your device.

EZ-Swag will also be bringing you fully licensed products such as NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL & FECCA.

Let’s face it!  An estimated 40-50% of the EZ pass devices are not displayed in its appropriate place - the windshield! They are left in the center console or in the glove compartment because they’re not giving your car the SWAG it deserves.

It is very important to have your EZ Pass device attached to your windshield. If you leave it in your glove compartment or on your console, you just might forget it! This causes unnecessary toll violations and defeats the purpose of using it for “Savings and Convenience”. Most importantly, you will avoid the dangers of getting into an accident as you’re going through the toll because you take your eyes off the road as try to locate your device.

         Let EZ-Swag give you the look you want, on ANY vehicle!!